Don't let
your business
run blind
Invest into software robots
that will build your future success
Don't let
your business
run blind
Invest into software robots
that will build your future success
We offer full cycle of services in Enterprise Robotics
Business Analysis
Empowering decision making with Big Data technologies in a way that ensures effective investment and precise verification.
Business Engineering
Refactoring of all business processes to improve their efficiency and reliability as well as to introduce automation and digital tools.
Software Development
Providing robust software platform and individually tailored software robots for automating particular business processes.
ERP now stands for Enterprise Robotics Platform
EmploySystem Core is a hub that makes employment of robots a seamless process
State-of-the-art Technology
Out of the box, EmploySystem introduces blockchain and Big Data as well as web and mobile UI support for all human user experiences.
Precise time tracking
Know cost of each operation so that you can easily plan investments and ROI for introducing robots into your business processes.
Collaborative Environment
Get synergetic effect from many robots and humans working in single environment, joining their skills and advantages in complex business processes.
Free and Open Source
EmploySystem Core is free for any customer who gets EmploySystem software robots to power his business independently on user amount.
Human Review
Delegate much more work to robots due to having possibility to correct their mistakes before any practical impact can happen.
Integrate Everything
EmploySystem introduces connector robots that allow you to retain previous IT investments and save money on eliminating unnecessary operators.
$ 25 000

Minimal budget to start revolutionising your business
1 week

For a dedicated team to perform business analysis and engineering
2 weeks

Towards having the first iteration prototype of the solution
6 weeks

From signing a contract to getting the complete system
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